Hi and thanks for taking a moment to read about me whilst you consider if I’m the guy to shoot your day.  What can I tell you before you get bored….


I’m a husband, a dad (and a photographer), so I’ve been in your shoes and realise how important it is to get this right!  Also, if you’ve already started a family (which is wicked by the way) I know how important it is to include them in your day as well. 


I’ve always played with camera’s and started shooting professionally in 2005 when I was filming weddings, but moved on to just taking photos.  The big thing I’ve learnt over the years is the relationship needed with the couple, if you don’t gel then you won’t have a giggle together, so that's a must for me!  After all it’s supposed to be a fun day, so don’t make the photos boring and long winded.


Over the years I’ve shot at some awesome venues around the midlands, which is where I’m based in Staffordshire.  However, I do love to travel and have also been around the country including places like Liverpool and Somerset.  I just need that destination wedding to complete my portfolio, so if you’re getting married abroad let’s talk and discuss a package. 


I’ve been honoured to feature in a couple of magazines including; Live 24-7 & Touch Base, where I was shooting at the lovely Kenilworth Castle, now that’s a venue to consider!  Back then I was called LWH Photography, but I decided to change the name to make it more personal.


So why book me over the next guy or girl?


It’s hard to explain on here how passionate I am about photography, when you get that money shot there is no feeling like it.  Some couples have said how they loved watching me smile as I checked the last photo I took, because then they knew it was great and so it made them relax.


My time at the wedding is your time, I don’t just take photos.  I’ll mix with your guests, liaise closely with the venue, eat your cake and everything!  I’ll even have a word with the DJ if he isn’t getting the party started.  I pride myself on my ability to talk with anyone and make people feel relaxed in my company.  I don't need to be all formal to get the job done, my couples say how they enjoyed their photos because we had a laugh and it was all very natural.  I like capturing people having fun and mixing with their friends, so my focus is more a ‘Documentary’ style of shooting, capturing the moments as they happen.  The laughs, the cheers and of course the occasional tears when the emotions all kick in.  All I need after that is about 20 minutes to whisk you away from everyone and get some achingly cool and awesome images!


You’ll probably need some group shots with your mums and dads or grandparents, but how many is up to you.  However, let’s be honest this isn’t the most exciting part of the day if you're not involved, so people get bored if it takes too long.  Let’s get them done quickly and move on to some exciting ones of just you two, images to put on the wall or go into an album.... Then it's back to your friends for food and speeches so I can capture people laughing at your best jokes! 


I’ll come and see you about a week before all this though for a Pre-wedding consultation to make sure I’ve got all the timings correct.  It’s great to have a brew together, eat some cake and discuss how creative we can be on your day. 


So what’s holding you back?  Send me an email, give me a call or just text 07973 691114 and say "Hi".  Perhaps we could meet up for a coffee and throw some ideas about and discuss how awesome your photos could be!