I don't use a permanent studio set-up, I would rather visit you at your home or office and do the shoot there as it makes people more relaxed. I mainly use Elinchrom kit for studio lighting as it's quite adaptable for larger or smaller venues.

Since buying this equipment a few years ago, I've realised how addictive it can be. I find myself buying new lighting modifiers and backdrops all the time (much to the wife's frustration), but it's awesome what you can do with controlled light, smoke and different colours!

Working with the children is such fun, they're really excited about their upcoming performances and are so professional. I've just taken the ones for their latest production of 'We Will Rock You', but I can't share those  yet as the shows isn't for a few weeks (watch this space).

So these are some examples of more corporate type shoots I've done, but I do hold family sessions too.  Sometimes I'll hire a venue and you can just book a slot, or I'll come to your  home and do it there if you've got space.

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