This is Me

Hi and thanks for taking a moment to read about me whilst considering if I’m the right guy to shoot your wedding or event.

So, what can I tell you before you get bored and start looking at holidays instead..... I guess this is where I should insert a photo of me, but there’s a reason I prefer being behind the lens!  So if you're a bit camera shy, trust me I know exactly what you're feeling!  That said, this is me having just handed my expensive camera to someone so I could get a photo with this crazy pair!

Sometimes you've just got to get in!

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I'm first and foremost a husband and father to 2 very active young boys, I'm then a photographer and probably lastly a business man.... in that order, but family comes first…. always!

I’ve messed about with camera's since I can remember, but it wasn’t until about 2005 before I started shooting professionally.  I was filming weddings then with my best mate, it was wicked!  But in 2012 I decided that I really enjoyed photographing people, especially when they're left alone to enjoy themselves and be natural. However, the one thing I’ve learnt over these years is the relationship needed with your clients.  Whether that be the bride & groom or a company executive, there has to be a connection and I really feel that comes across in my images.

Although my main work surrounds weddings (which are so much fun), I also do engagement and family shootscorporate head shots or even just birthday parties! 

Over last few years I've also been doing photos for some school musicals, which is awesome!  Here's one from Annie in 2017.

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All this said my passion is being outside doing a location shoot somewhere super cool.  Whether it be in some fields or down the town for some urban shots, the opportunities are all around us. You can’t beat a park in the autumn, leaves everywhere, golden sunlight…. just epic!

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Over the years I’ve shot at some wicked venues around the midlands, which is where I’m based in Staffordshire. I do love to travel though and think it's great to work in different places, it stops me getting bored or doing the same photos for everyone.  I've been around the country a bit including places like Liverpool and the beautiful Somerset. I just need that destination wedding now to complete my portfolio... it's a bucket list thing!

I’ve been honoured to feature in a couple of magazines including Live 24/7 and Touch Base where I was shooting at the stunning Kenilworth Castle.  Back then I was called LWH Photography, but I decided to change the company name to make it more personal.  I really like this new one and it’s who I am, Luke (thats me) and Warwick, which was my Dad's name so that's important to me too.

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I think that's about it, but before you fall asleep or start looking elsewhere, let me just say this;  I love my job, love meeting new people and taking their photographs…. Simple!

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