I’ve been where you are today, planning a wedding, hoping to get the right suppliers for your special day and so I totally appreciate how important it is to get this right. You only get one chance to capture this day, so I never quite understand why people would trust a friend or relative with no experience!

I’m also a father to two boys, so if you’ve already started a family (which is wicked by the way), I understand how important it is to include them in your plans.

Anyway, lets go back to the beginning and how all this starts;

Once I've received your deposit and booking form I'll register it in my diary and then leave you alone until about a month before it all happens.   I'll then get in touch just to chat about your day and get all the timings down. If it’s not practical to meet in person we can always just Facetime or Skype.  Although I’d much prefer a face to face, I appreciate it's not always practical if you live miles away. 

My time on the day is your time. I don’t just take photos, I’ll mix with your guests, liaise with the venue, eat your cake and everything!  I’ll even have a word with the DJ if he isn’t getting the party started.

I pride myself on my ability to talk with just about anyone and make people feel relaxed in my company.  I don't need to be all formal to get the job done, in fact I’m quite the opposite, I work in a very chilled manner and don’t impose myself on anyone.  I like photographing groups having fun together, so my approach is much more of a ‘documentary’ style capturing moments as they happen.  All I will ask is about 20 minutes or so to whisk you away and get some achingly cool & awesome images!

You’ll probably need some group shots with your relatives, but how many is up to you. Let’s be honest this isn’t the most exciting part of the photos, people get bored if it takes too long.   So let’s get them done quickly and move on to some exciting ones, images to put on the wall or go into an album.... Then it's back to your friends for food, wine and speeches!

From this moment on everyone’s just waiting for the party to get started and watch that First Dance!   I love this part of the day, everyone’s relaxed, had a few drinks, let their hair down and ready to get their dancing shoes on!  I’ll be there mixing with the same people I’ve spent all day getting to know.  You might catch me havin’ a boogie with them, eating the buffet or just sharing a drink…. But one thing’s for sure, I’ll have my camera in my hand and getting some epic shots…. I love it!!

So what’s holding you back? Give me a call, send me an email or a text on 07973 691114.  Perhaps we could meet up for a coffee and throw some ideas about to discuss how awesome your photos could be!  If you haven't already, go check out my wedding package prices HERE and I look forward to hearing from you.

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